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House Protection Dog Training


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House Protection Dog Training

The House Protection Dog Program is designed so your dog can reach its potential to serve as a protector of your home. Your pet will develop the qualities of its nature that drive it to act as a security alarm and protect yourself, your family and your property.

This is not turning your dog into a guard dog or security dog, but rather teaching it to stay alert and react appropriately if there is a potential threat. As a dog owner, you will have peace of mind knowing your pet’s eyes, ears and the highly sensitive nose is always on standby to let you know if you have visitors.

Although it’s not likely you will have troublesome visitors, it is reassuring to know you will instantly be alerted due to your dog’s reactions learned during the house protection dog program. If you live alone, have a young family or are elderly, you can’t be too safe. If you have a pet dog, it makes sense to utilize its natural abilities and desire to protect.

After six weeks of professional training, your dog will be able to fully protect you and recognize the difference between welcome visitors and intruders and act accordingly. Don’t worry, your beloved pet will still be your best furry friend and companion. The course will enhance its character and nature, but not change it. 

This course is only suitable for certain breeds and temperaments. We will access your pet to ensure this course is right for you and your dog. Upon graduation, we will meet for an in-person handover and verbal and written report. We also offer a complimentary hour-long refresher course to ensure you are getting the best from our valuable House Protection Dog Program. 

We see positive results and life-long benefits with the program that was thoughtfully designed with safety and protection in mind for your dog, yourself, your family and your home. Contact us today for more info if you feel like it’s back to school for your cuddly canine. 

  • Only suitable for certain breeds – even within these breeds, not every dog is the same or capable of doing protection/bite work

  • Six weeks comprise of two-week basic obedience training where your dog will be assessed for suitability

  • Generally, the most used breeds are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers and Dobermans followed by American Bullys and Akitas

  • Typically the four-week protection side of the course will need to be taken at 8-12 months

  • However, the minimum age can differ significantly based on breed and character. We suggest booking the dog in for a basic obedience course and the trainer will evaluate suitability (NOTE: must have adult teeth for protection work)

  • The course can be split e.g., first two weeks at three months old, final four weeks at eight months

  • No anxious dogs

  • Protection tailored to your property, family & lifestyle

  • Fully trained to protect and preserve

  • Basic and advanced obedience included

  • Still a family pet

  • House manners (acceptance of new guests)

  • Speak on command

  • Agility – framework

  • Off lead obedience training

  • Teach the dog to turn off

  • Bite training – pad work

  • Watch training

  • Release and STOP

  • Kennel training to crate training

  • Fully detailed in-person handover and written report

  • Complimentary one-hour 121 refresher post-program

  • Do you have some questions regarding our board and train program? Take a look at our FAQs.


House Protection Dog Training

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