Project Description

3 weeks advanced obedience program

In this program we combine basic & advanced obedience for owners who want to get their dog to the next level. Having a more obedient dog is always beneficial for both dog and owners and this program allows you to do that.We focus on everyday obedience in different environments that are in-line with your life: parks, busy streets, coffee shops and public transport.

After the programme the trainer will return your dog to your home and will show you everything he or she has learned during a 2 hour handover session. They will also teach you more about dog psychology and provide you with a report and instructional videos.


Everything from our basic program and in addition:

  • Extended sits and downs (the dog will stay in position until released

  • Extended plays – you point towards a spot and dog will remain until released

  • Off-leash walking

  • On and off leash training with distractions

  • Heel from a distance – dog will come and sit beside your leg

  • A lot of play and socialisation with other dogs!

  • Collection of your dog by our team.

  • Returning of the dog to you can be discussed or you can come and collect the dog
  • Regular (video) updates
  • Detailed handover session

  • Signed contract guaranteeing the results
  • This is not for dogs who have shown aggression or reactivity towards other dogs, animals or humans.

3 week basic obedience board & train program

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3 week basic obedience board & train program


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