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3 week advanced obedience board & train program


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3 weeks advanced obedience program

In this program, we combine basic & advanced obedience for owners who want to get their dog to the next level. Having a more obedient dog is always beneficial for both dog and owners and this program allows you to do that. We focus on everyday obedience in different environments that are in-line with your life: parks, busy streets, coffee shops and public transport.

After the programme, the trainer will return your dog to your home and will show you everything he or she has learned during a 1 hour handover session. They will also teach you more about dog psychology and provide you with a report and instructional videos.

  • Designed for dogs aged 6 months plus that have a strong inclination to please and/or already have a good grasp of basic command

  • Perfect for any owner looking to have that extra level of control in busy environments

  • Focuses on off-leash heeling, recall from a distance and impulse work with distractions

  • Learn how to create a deeper more meaningful bond with your dog with enhanced mental stimulation

  • Your dog will stay in a caring and loving home environment primed to further develop a well balanced, content and obedient character

  • Course inclusions will be tailored based on pre-agreed additions listed below as well as the learning speed and maturity of your dog. This may result in omitting certain inclusions and giving specific focus to areas of priority, which can be discussed between client & trainer throughout the programme 


Everything from our basic program and in addition:

  • Extended sits and downs (the dog will stay in position until released

  • Extended place – you point towards a spot and dog will remain until released

  • Off-leash walking

  • On and off leash training with distractions

  • Heel from a distance – dog will come and sit beside your leg

  • A lot of play and socialisation with other dogs!

  • Refinement of basic commands; sit, down, stay, come, place, watch, in, leave & free

  • Attentive unleashed heel 

  • Advanced work on impulse control in stressful situations

  • Distance recall and improved responsiveness

  • Extended stays and commands from a distance

  • Out – your dog leaves a designated area/room

  • Door manners – controlled entry and exit through doors, waiting in designated place during open-door scenarios

  • Greeting manners –  calm interactions when greeting people and dogs

  • Structured play and socialization with other dogs, people and animals

  • Pick up and drop off for your dog (or you can collect your dog if preferred)

  • Regular progress updates – explanations, tips, videos

  • Detailed handover session upon drop off – demonstrations and coaching

  • Tailored end of programme report – summarising progress & future advice

  • 4 weeks post-programme text support with a qualified trainer

  • 1 hour complimentary 1:1 refresher training (up to 12 weeks post-programme)

  • This is not for dogs who have shown aggression or reactivity towards other dogs, animals or humans.

Do you still have questions regarding this program? Take a look at our FAQs.


3 week advanced obedience board & train program

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