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2 week basic obedience program


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2 week basic obedience program

Did you just get a new puppy or dog? Do you just want your dog to have more basic obedience but either do not have the time to do the training yourself or would like to have a professional do it for you? In that case our 2 week basic obedience program could be the
right fit for you.

This is like boarding school but for your dog and is where we will teach your dog all commands as per the program offering while teaching puppies potty training, resolve nipping and teach your dog to be more patient, focused and well-socialised.

  • Designed for young dogs from 12 weeks and above

  • Your dog will stay in a caring and loving home environment primed to develop a well balanced, content and obedient character

  • Course inclusions will be tailored based on pre-agreed additions listed below and the learning speed and maturity of your dog

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Place – rest in specific area (control around doors)

  • Watch – the dog looks at you
  • Heel – Loose leash walking (no pulling anymore)*

  • Come – dog comes and sits in front while looking up at you**

  • Stay – patience command to wait for food, door openings, car

  • In – go to an enclosed area (crate, car, resting place)

  • Leave – drop/ignore unwanted floor items or toys

  • Yes – reward release command 

  • No – correction command (snapping out of fixation)

  • Good (extended) – giving you the ability to prolong obedience exercises

  • Free – exploratory release command( (introduction)

  • Busy – toilet command

  • Good boy/girl – praise & reward

Boundry setting & puppy basics
  • Crate training – learning to be alone in a safe space for travel or home

  • House training – your dog will learn to go outside to use the toilet

  • No more nipping or destructive behaviour

  • Greeting & door manners – basic boundaries for puppies

  • Play and socialization with other dogs – supervised interactions

  • Pick up and drop off for your dog (or you can collect your dog if preferred)

  • Regular progress updates – explanations, tips, videos

  • Detailed handover session upon drop off – demonstrations and coaching

  • Tailored post-programme report – summarising progress & future advice

  • 4 weeks text support with a qualified trainer

  • 1 hour complimentary 1:1 refresher training anytime up to 12 weeks post-programme

  • This is not for dogs who have shown aggression or reactivity towards other dogs, animals or humans
  • *Off leash walking is not included as standard, but can be incorporated dependant on learning speed and maturity of the dog 

  • **Come/recall using long-line only. Distance will be determined by learning speed and maturity of the dog


Do you still have questions regarding this program? Take a look at our FAQs.


2 week basic obedience board & train program

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