Individually tailored behaviour consultation delivered from a distance. We have a lot of experience working with (extremely) reactive, aggressive and anxious dogs which we will leverage to implement a tailored approach and potentially a program to work on your dog’s issues.

The training targets the triggers that cause your dog to act aggressively and attempts to change their current mentality towards them.

We will also evaluate what changes can be made in the dog’s environment and lifestyle to help in the process of improving your dog’s mental state and decreasing their current reactivity to certain things in life eventually allowing to train them out of the current unwanted behaviour..


The Process for a Dog Behaviour Consultation / Online Dog Training Consultation
Once you initiate an enquiry one of our dog training specialists will get in contact with you to discuss your initial enquiry. We’ll take down some information relating to your dog, dog breed, ownership timeframe, behavioural characteristics and more. We’ll organise a suitable medium for online consultations – we offer flexible online consultations over ZOOM, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Whatsapp or phone.

We’ll agree a date and time for the consultation – during which, we can ascertain your dogs behaviour and just how much support you need to correct any unwanted behavioural issues.

During the call we’ll observe your dogs behaviour and we’ll take full stock of the current environment, your behaviour and how a new training plan can be implemented and executed to help correct bad / unwanted / destructive / anxious behaviour.


Program Offering:
2 -hour online consultation via Skype, Google Hang Out, Zoom, Facetime or phone.


What Else Is Included:

  • Written behaviour report
  • Individually tailored plan to address the behavioural issues
  • Phone support


Our Online Dog Behaviour & Training Consultations are suitable for:
Anyone – absolutely anyone with a dog. Whether the dog has an existing issue or whether you have a new dog and want to prevent the development of bad habits. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of reasons for dog training and consultations. Just because your dog may not cause you any issues doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider their behaviour and how it could change over time – a classic example of this is toilet training – preventing bad toilet habits from early ownership is MUCH easier than correcting poor toilet habits – the same can be said for other types of issue be it aggression, attention and general obedience.

Online dog training consultations can help with all sorts of common issues including:

• Toilet Training
• Crate Training
• Obedience Training
• Biting, Chewing & Destructive Behaviour
• Excessive barking
• Anxious behaviour
• Lead behaviour
• General care


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