Welcoming a dog into your family is a big commitment and the beginning of a lifetime of joy and happiness. If you are buying or adopting your canine pet, it is essential to choose the right breed that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

To find the perfect furry friend for your family, we offer bespoke consultations to learn about your lifestyle and requirements. There are so many factors to consider and we will guide you through the process from start to finish. If you never owned a dog before, you couldn’t have any idea of the possible mistakes new pet owners make. The wrong decision can lead to stress, heartache and disruptions to life that are unsettling for you and the poor dog.

Considering Bark & Birch philosophies, we will consult with you regarding the kind of dog you want, your expectations and reasons for getting a dog, any breeds you are considering, your budget and your lifestyle, including living space and time.

Also, we will talk about the advantage of adopting and using a breeder. As you can tell, there are many things to consider and we go into them all in detail during the course.

Once you know the breed of dog you desire and where you might find your happy paws, we let you know the questions you should ask and connect you with services you will need to care for your pet, such as a local veterinarian, groomer and trainer. We will educate you on how to bring your pet home and give you tips on how to settle your dog into your home.

This is an exciting time of life and a big step, so it makes sense to prepare in every way you can, just like you would if you were becoming a parent to a little human. Your dog will be a family member and treasured companion and we commend you for doing this right!

We set you up for success by ensuring you have the knowledge needed to buy or adopt a puppy or dog that is right for you. Your dog will be wagging its tail in glee when it sees you. Let’s start the search!

What is included in the course and outcome

  • Which breed/type suits your lifestyle
  • Choosing between using a breeder or rescuing a dog
  • Picking from the litter
    How to prepare for the new arrival
  • Settling in your new dog
  • Understanding of costs involved (initial and ongoing)
  • 360 understanding of the work involved in caring for your dog
  • Written consolidation Starter Pack given to you after the initial consultation

This consultation includes a £70 voucher which you can use in any of our future training services

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