EIGHT 1-2-1

If you have a dog with reactivity or aggression issues towards other dogs or have an anxious dog but do not want to send your dog to boarding school than this could be the solution.


Program Offering:
This program combines basic obedience to give you a better control with working on the specific issues that you are having. The trainer will come to your house and will work closely with you and other family members to put you back in control, rehabilitating your dog and helping to live you both a happier life.

We will also evaluate what changes can be made in the dog’s environment and lifestyle to help in the process of improving your dog’s mental state and decreasing their current reactivity to certain things in life eventually allowing to train them out of the current unwanted behaviour.

This program will help you with:

  • Decreasing reactivity towards other dogs and/or people
  • Desensitising reactivity to specific issues
  • Decrease (separation) anxiety


What Else Is Included:

  • Written behaviour report
  • Individually tailored plan to address the behavioural issues
  • Phone support


*Fuel fee could apply if outside a 20 mile radius of the trainer*

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